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Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a type of insurance which specifically covers the policyholder's dental care needs. The purchase of a dental insurance assures the policyholder that the insurance company will bear the costs of dental services provided by professional dentists to the policyholder whenever it is necessary. Dental insurance may be obtained by a person for individual or group dental care, such as for family members or employees. As a type of health insurance, dental insurance may be used for treatment and precautionary dental care.

Dental care can be quite costly, but dental insurance policies allow the policyholder to benefit from the services of a dental clinic without having to pay high fees. There are two main types of dental insurance policies: managed care and "fee for service." In managed care type, dental insurance directly pays for the services of dentists who are accredited by the insurance company. However, managed care dental insurance limits the policyholder to a number of accredited dentists. In "fee for service," the dental insurance policy allows the policyholder to go to any professional dentist and have the corresponding fees reimbursed by the insurance company. The difference between the two is that "fee for service" requires the policyholder to shell out money at the time he or she needs dental services.

What does dental insurance cover?

Dental insurance coverage depends on the type of plan and policy the policyholder chooses. A policyholder may choose between an individual or group dental insurance. For instance, dental insurance may cover just the policyholder or include the policyholder's family as well. Dental insurance may also encompass treatment, routine check, and preventive dental procedures. In most cases, dental insurance pays only for specific types of treatment, such as tooth extraction and cavity filling. However, there are dental insurance policies which allow policyholders to avail themselves of other dental services, as long as they do not use up the maximum amount of entitlement. If they do, they will have to pay for the excess charges themselves, as these can no longer be covered by their dental insurance. Dental insurance is not to be confused with discount dental plans in which people pay monthly or annual membership fees to avail themselves of the services of a member dentist at a cheaper rate.

Why would you need dental insurance?

To obtain general health, dental care is important. Without dental insurance, many opt to endure their condition because of high dental fees. A dental insurance policy assures you that your dental care needs can be addressed without you having to spend a lot of money. To maximize its use, you can enroll your family in a group dental insurance.

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